Exclusive Package

Exclusive Package


7 days /14 days /21 days



Monday every week


Welcoming at the airport;

When you come to Turkey, you will feel yourself at home. Our experienced staff becomes present at the airport before your plane lands off with a welcoming card on which your name writes to welcome you. Our welcoming team will attend on you for carrying your suitcases or medical equipments until you get in your car.

Transfer Service;

Our experienced drivers wait for you at the airport with VIP top model cars designed specially for shuttle. For shuttle, we use private vehicles assigned for you and your companions. If you wish a full equipped special ambulance and health team waits for escorting your shuttle car. Your shuttle is made by a VIP car offered by our agency in accordance with your needs and demands from airport to to the facility you will stay.

Accommodation 5 Star Hotel Suit Room;

When you come to the facility you will stay, your check-in is made by our experienced staff. While you are relieving your tiredness with Turkish coffee we offer, we make all of your operations on behalf of you. According to information you give us before, the best Suit Room of the rest area is prepared for you and for your companions. Our team informs you on your hotel and around after you settle into your room. In your rest area, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet station food are included in the package price. Also hot-cold beverages at the bar and lobby are free of charge. You can benefit from the entire opportunites at your facility free of charge.

Translation Service;

You are introduced to your translator who will help you during your accommodation. Your translator will help you in terms any kind of communication and translation.

Special Assistant;

Your special assistant will help you for any kind of need during your visit in our country. When you arrive the rest area a mobile phone and sim card special for you will be supplied. With this phone you can access your special assistant for having consultancy about all issues.

Spa and Massage Service;

Within the scope of your package 3 Massage and SPA service which you will have at your rest area are free. Whenever you want you can book and benefit from Sweden, Neck-Back, Entire Body and Reflexology massages.

City Tour;

We care your feeling good physically and mentally. If you wish you can choose entertainment, taste and culture tours special for you and make fun. One tour is free for exclusive package owners.


In-network hospitals, VIP body scanning, 75 different tests and 7 imagings are available.


  • Pelvic Ultrasonography (Imaging uterus and bladder ultrasonography)
  • Upper Abdominal Ultrasonography (Imaging liver, kidney, gall bladder and pancreas ultrasonography)
  • Thyroid USG (Imaging thyroid gland ultrasonography)
  • Electrocardiography (Evaluation of electrical activity of heart)
  • Chest Radiography
  • Neck Radiography
  • Ecocardiography (It is made by cardiology specialist and used for evaluating structure of heart, gaps, valves and heart functions)

Doctor Examination;

After Checkup service, your results are evaluated by 3 specialist in Internal Diseases and Physiotherapy and a detailed report is filed. You talk to these three doctors one by one about your results and the proper treatment is recommended.