The Treatment Process

The Treatment Process in Turkey
  1. The patient will explain his/her complaints and share his medical reports for a preliminary diagnosis.
  2. Complaints and medical reports of the patient will be shared with physicians of contracted healthcare institutions.
  3. The hospital or the physician will inform our team regarding the proposed treatment or medical intervention.
  4. Ata Vizyon Sağlık teamwill submit you a report on your possible treatment process in Turkey and related costs.
  5. In case you decide to receive the proposed treatment and require a "medical visa", you will be informed about the visa procedure.
  6. After the issuance of your visa, your medical appointments will be organized.
  7. Your accommodation and flight reservations will be made according to your preferences.
  8. On the day and time of arrival, you will be met by our team and interpreter at the airport.  
  9. Your transport will be arranged based on your treatment schedule. You may be transferred from the airport to the healthcare facility via an ambulance depending on the urgency of your condition.
  10. You will receive a mobile phone and a SIM card that you can use in Turkey and an informative leaflet regarding your hotel and the region.
  11. You will meet with the team that will carry out your treatment.
  12. Your treatment or medical procedures will be carried out at a healthcare facility of your choice.
  13. If you wish, various activities and cultural trips will be organized for you and your attendants.
  14. You will be taken back to the airport with a shuttle service.
  15. Your follow-up schedule and our contact information will be communicated to monitor your health status.