Why Turkey?


The Ministry of Health is the authority responsible to oversee healthcare services provided in Turkey by means of a central system.  In 2003, the Turkish Government introduced a comprehensive healthcare reform program that would increase the budget allocated for healthcare services and aims to improve the overall health of the population. 

There are 42 JCI-accredited healthcare facilities in Turkey.  Private, public and university hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, particularly the ones in Istanbul and Ankara. Many hospitals in Turkey provide services in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and dental health by making use of cutting-edge technologies. These hospitals carry out procedures such as cyber knife, robotic surgery, MR services, and bone marrow and organ transplants.  The Department of Health Tourism of the Ministry of Health has an emergency ‘112’ phone line and a ‘184’ phone line for complaints that serves 24/7 in Arabic, English, German, and Russian and also offers interpretation services in hospitals for foreign patients. All physicians are obliged to take out a professional liability insurance and in case of a medical error or malpractice, a patient is immediately compensated by this insurance.  All hospitals in Turkey operate based on international accreditation criteria and are inspected twice a year.

Why Turkey?

  • Turkey’s most important advantage in health tourism is the fact that she has an umbrella institution to oversee all health tourism activities and that a policy is introduced on this matter.
  • Having a flag-carrier airline that is Turkish Airlines, which flies to the most countries in the world.
  • The fact that the healthcare facilities in Turkey make use of the most advanced technologies and closely monitor all advancements in the field of medicine.
  • Being a leader in the region in terms of the infrastructure of training and research hospitals.
  • Turkey ranks second in terms of number of hospitals accredited by the JCI.
  • In terms of health tourism, Turkey has many thermal resources and is Europe’s first in terms of the number of thermal resources.
  • Existence of a positive perception towards Turkey and Turkish people’s hospitality.
  • 4-season climate,
  • Anatolia, a historical and tourism destination and cradle of civilizations,
  • Being only 3-hour-flight-away from a region with a population of one billion,
  • A strong labor force potential with a young population,
  • Qualified and experienced human resources, especially in healthcare,
  • More affordable healthcare services when compared to Europe and the Americas.

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