Why Us?




Ata Vizyon Sağlık; is a health tourism agency aiming to make sure that foreign patients, who choose Turkey for health and thermal tourism, receive their treatments at the best and most developed healthcare facilities by cooperating with the most professional and experienced team of physicians in Turkey.

Ata Vizyon Sağlık; chooses the best and the most experienced physicians based on the complaints and expectations of the patient with affordable prices. On behalf of the patient, Ata Vizyon Sağlık holds a preliminary meeting with the physician of patient's choice and prepares the treatment plan.

Ata Vizyon Sağlık; prepares a tailored treatment plan and submits this plan to the patient and makes sure that the patient feels at home in Turkey throughout the whole process.

The moment you contact us, we will communicate your health condition and medical reports to the most experienced physicians at their respective fields and your treatment will be shaped based on your physician's directions.


  • Arranging flight tickets and visa counseling
  • Shuttle to and from the airport and accommodation arrangements
  • All necessary arrangements before and after your treatment
  • Organizing your treatment at contracted hospitals, physical therapy centers and thermal facilities of European standards
  • Referring your medical reports to specialists, who will undertake your treatment
  • Counseling and interpretation services throughout your treatment
  • Your transport back to the airport after the completion of your treatment
  • Follow-up of your medical condition after the treatment and arranging new appointments, if necessary